Since its inception, AEGIS CNC has been in the 15th year. In the beginning, AEGIS CNC was an agent for the Japanese precision lathe (brand Ciziten), and has been positioning its products in sales and manufacturing. The company's products to ensure product quality and accuracy, most of the components are insisted on using the best imported products, such as : Japan C1 class ball screw (FTC-05, FTC-10), turret, hard alloy steel slide, Italian imports of hydraulic units and electronic control of parts, components. Apply to long-term operation of high-grade products and Electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, aviation, and so on, so as to improve the quality of the equipment and improve the quality of the equipment, And for the Taiwanese machinery industry to win the same competition with the Japanese machinery opportunities.AEGIS CNC has developed the "Loading & Unloading CNC" and the Polygon CNC "Polygon Turning CNC" to meet the needs of the customers. To meet customer growth. "Meet customer growth" will also be AEGIS CNC continue to move forward the growth momentum.

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